Artist Biography

Aspiring and ambitious music producer and a DJ, reaching the hearts of listeners and inducing their life with priceless memories putting them in a unique state of mind.

‘’Something happened. Something felt in heart when I heard this’’

– Jenelia (SoundCloud)

Arnheim is aspiring, young house music producer steadily growing his fan base and developing his own initial sound.

Born in Lithuania grown up in London, England he shows diversity and understanding of underground and commercial house music from a very young age.  With in depth analysis of history of house music, he has developed a taste and temptation to create music that reflects his views and ideas.

At the age of seventeen he has been signed to four independent record labels specializing in house music. Worldwide distribution of his first debut single and first EP has expanded his fan base and press coverage.

His influences that can be heard in his music are wide beginning from legends such as Frankie Knuckles and Daft Punk, to modern pioneers such as Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin. The way of producing music in several DAWs as well as presenting it via process of DJing has proven to show his involvement in music.

At this time, he is deeply involved in broadening his practical and academic knowledge of music production and business. Arnheim has shown a continues improvement of sonic synthesis and networking with his target audience.

He is approaching his desire to be heard and listened by the masses.


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